Advisors deserve a trusted partner who is fully aligned with their values.

We understand the challenge of building a scalable, faith-integrated firm. We’ve been there so you don’t have to. Experience the freedom of serving your clients with Kingdom-class solutions.

Step into your calling.

Faith-based financial advisors used to be faced with a difficult choice. If you wanted job security, or if you wanted to work with leading-edge financial solutions, you had to find a secular firm—a place where money often took priority over morality. It wasn’t ideal.

On the other hand, if you wanted to integrate faith into your career, it meant struggling to build your own firm or finding one of the few that already existed.

Thanks to OneAscent, you no longer have to choose.

Integrate your faith.

Finally, you can have both: world-class solutions and faith-based advising. Are you interested in getting started? Join a unified team of advisors pursuing a greater work.

  • Step One.

    Schedule a conversation: In this free consultation, we’ll discuss how we can help and provide all the information you may need.

  • Step Two.

    Find the right fit: We build a strategy for your firm.

  • Step Three.

    Launch your platform: Enjoy kingdom-class solutions with a firm you can trust.

One Ascent is a firm built by advisors, for advisors.
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