Stewardship Legacy Coaching

Deliver what your clients really want.

Over 75% of affluent investors don’t think their children are prepared to inherit wealth. Having experienced prosperity, they’ve discovered what’s most important to pass on: values and life lessons.

Step into this tremendous opportunity with our Stewardship Legacy Coaching™ solution, and help your affluent clients pass along wealth and wisdom.

How it works.

With over 25 years of experience serving the ultra wealthy, our Stewardship Legacy Coaching™ team helps you accomodate and attract this specialized market.

Evaluate your high net worth client base.

The 80/20 rule applies to every advisory practice—your top clients provide the bulk of your business.

Our Stewardship Legacy Coaching™ team will help you evaluate opportunities to deepen existing relationships and expand into new markets.

Build your coaching platform.

Most advisors want to serve the ultra-wealthy, but they lack the resources and expertise to do it.

We provide training on coaching materials, mentoring for your business plan, and access to a diverse team of coaching professionals.

Implement with confidence.

Our turnkey solution features unique content for serving the ultra-wealthy.

Get access to specialized expertise in advanced tax and estate planning.

Be equipped to provide stewardship coaching that will deepen and expand your client relationships.

Serve the affluent with distinction.

Advisors and firms who have implemented our Stewardship Legacy Coaching™ solution have experienced significant growth in this market. Are you ready to join their ranks?

This service strengthens your practice by giving you access to specialists with credentials in Stewardship Legacy Coaching™ for business owners and ultra-affluent families.

We’ll help you guide clients to better understand their different legacies—personal family, financial, business, and Kingdom.

Serving the affluent marketplace can provide tremendous growth for your practice.

Our Stewardship Legacy Coaching™ solution creates additional streams of revenue through ancillary fees associated with business consulting, succession and estate planning, and retainer stewardship coaching.

Most importantly, our solution provides value-added services that deepen relationships between your clients and their children.

Your clients will gain clarity and confidence as they become wise stewards who are proactive, intentional, and aware of their impact on eternity.

Step into your unique calling, and start helping families, business owners, and churches build a lasting legacy.
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